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The most typical application of  black water control valve that designed by CHASE VALVE is the flow rate regulation in coal chemical system, such as quenching chamber, carbon washing tower, flash tank, etc. What the all working conditions have in common are: large pressure difference, high temperature, strong corrosion, medium containing solid particles, easy to occur flash vapor corrosion. The main damage of the medium to the valve is the erosion damage of the high-speed fluid and solid particles on the inner wall and inner parts of the valve, and the dielectric and chemical corrosion damage. Compared with general control valve, black water control valve possess higher corrosion resistance and erosion resistance, and later maintenance is very convenient.  

Size: 1"~12"(DN25~DN300);

Rating: CLASS 150~1500(PN16~PN250);

Design Std.: IEO60534  GB/4213;

Body material: Stainless, alloy steel and duplex

Operation: PDL series pneumatic diaphragm, PCL series pneumatic piston, electric