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The structure of lift check valve is similar to that of globe valve. Its disc moves up and down along a line in the channel and is suitable for small size conditions. Steel flanged lift check valves can be straight-through type and vertical type. Straight-through lift check valves can only be installed in horizontal lines, while vertical lift check valves are generally installed in vertical lines. During the use of lift check valve, the medium flows in the direction of arrowhead. When the medium flows in the specified direction, the disc is subject to the action of the dielectric force, and when the medium flow is counter, due to the gravity of the disc and the effect of the reverse force of the medium, the disc and the sealing surface of the seat are closed so as to prevent the countercurrent of the medium. 

Size: 2"~6"(DN50~DN150)

Rating: ASME CLASS 150~1500(PN16~PN250)

Design Std.: ASME CLASS 150~1500(PN16~PN250)

Body material: Carbon, stainless steel, alloy and duplex steel