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The plate gate valves in CHASE VALVE can be designed and manufactured with single disc and double discs structure, the products conform to the latest API, GB, ISO and other related standards, because of its unique double discs structure, it can achieve excellent bi-directional sealing performance under both high and low pressure. The greater the torque, the tighter the seal. During the switching process, the sealing face of the discs and the seat ring are separated from each other, thus reducing the wear and tear of the sealing surface and prolonging the service life of the valves. It is widely used in the pipeline for oil and natural gas. The flat gate valve has a pilot hole which allows the cleaning balls to pass through. The flat gate valves are designed to minimize pressure drop and prevent impurities such as mud from entering the valve chamber.

Size: 2"~60"(DN50~DN1500)

Rating: ASME CLASS 150~2500(PN16~PN420)

Design Std.: API6D  JB/T5298

Body material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, dual-phase steel

Connection: RF, BW, RTJ

Operation: Manual, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic