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The soft seal fluorine concentric butterfly valves in CHASE VALVE have the function of switching, and adjusting the fluid, which comply with API, GB, ISO standards. It is widely used in the control of various industrial fluids. The body that fully coated with fluoroplastics is completely isolated from the medium, so it is suitable for all kinds of corrosive conditions. And compared with traditional gate valves, globe valves and ball valves, it is light weight and low cost. With the rapid development of various kinds of artificial rubber industry, soft seal elastic seat can be used not only in traditional water treatment industry, but also in modern chemical industry. 

Size: 2”~72”(DN50-DN1800);

Rating: PN6~PN16;

Design Std.:  API609  GB/T12238;

Body material: Ductile iron, cast steel, stainless steel

Connection: WAFER,LUG,RF;

 operation: Manual, gear, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic